LED Signage

Pioneers in LED Signage

LED Signage is an integral part of your brand identity and helps to re-inforce the strength of your brand. LED signage has the ability and power to drive that first impression which the brand intends to create. Studies have shown that a clear and concise LED signage catches the eye easily and has a profound impact on your brand.

The advantages of LED signage is paramount. The lower energy consumption than traditional lights, the use of latest technology, longer lifetime, minimum maintenance costs and higher visibility are some of the advantages of LED signage. The LEDs we use in all our signs are expected to last approximately 50,000 hours (about 5 years). That is a long time indeed.

We at AAA are known to be the pioneers of this technology in south India. With GE and other leading LED manufacturers as our techno-business partner, we provide LED signage across the Hyderabad and beyond at the best possible rates with the highest quality standards.

What’s the best part of letting us do our magic for your business? We build what you want. The manufacturing is customized based on need and requirements of the clients because signage needs to be as much in sync with the goals of the company as any other marketing and visibility strategy should be.

AAA has an E2E manufacturing unit capable of undertaking any type of job. We cater mainly to Corporates, Hospitals, Restaurants & Hotels, IT Parks and Shopping Malls including retail outlets. Everything is fabricated at our large manufacturing unit under our watchful eyes and hence highest standard of quality is a personal guarantee.

LED Letters, Heights & Challenges!

Challenges come in when your requirement is to install the sign at great heights. Our engineering team takes over if the LED sign needs to be installed in high rise buildings. Right from how to build the letter with reinforced framework, type of LEDs to use, cabling detailing and actual mounting of the sign, we do it all in-house. Our years of experience in handling such large projects has a definite edge over our competition.

Our installation team is highly experienced to handle any challenge and has the ability to work at any height. We take pride in our experience as our installations seldom need any maintenance.

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