Outdoor Signages

Signage plays a very important role in portraying the image of your company. Façade signs or Fascia signs are placed on the façade of the building and are generally lighted. For low rise buildings, metal signs made of stainless steel or brass can be used. Whereas for high rise buildings lighted letters are preferred. The size of the letters are determined by the height of the building and from where the signage needs to be visible.

Totems or Pylons are part of outdoor signs and are placed at a prominent location in front of the building. Totem signs are the best way to increase your visibility and ensure you really stand out. From custom designed to modular totems, our experienced team of designers will give you a well-engineered product.

Gate front signs are placed at the entrance and are placed either on masonry wall or specially designed structures. Our company specializes in giving you the best design to enhance the value of your brand.

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