Signage for Hospitals

Signage in hospitals helps the patients, visitors and staff to easily navigate through the facility. Signage not only helps deliver correct & concise information but also reinforces a strong brand recall. With the health sector finding itself at crossroads of delivering world class facilities, it has become a top priority for industry to present their premises with excellent signage program to differentiate their Institution from the competition.

Advantages of implementing a world class Hospital Signage system:

A good signage system showcases what you have to offer and also ensures optimum usage of all facilities. Well-designed system will be visually engaging and have communications that are relevant and helpful. Patients visiting the hospital need to be guided properly and the experience starts from the entry to the department they need to visit. Having signage at the right place with a clear and visually precise message makes all the difference.

Wayfinding in Hospitals:

Strategically placed way-finders in your facility with symbols, arrows, and clear information will efficiently guide patients & visitors to reach their destination without any hassle. It is important to plan the wayfinding strategy with the help of the Project Heads and the actual users. A clear wayfinding methodology needs to be finalized in advance and the same has to be customized as per localized requirements. For example, the facility may have to use dual language to convey the message clearly.

Advantages of implementing a good wayfinding hospital signage plan in your facility:

  • Minimizing the use of personnel to assist in wayfinding
  • Integrating symbols as a comprehensive wayfinding approach
  • Enhances the overall patient and visitor experience and create a ‘wow’ factor.

We follow the highest industry standards and ensure your hospitals gets the right design and best of the materials for implementing an efficient and practical signage program.

Our team & Facilities:

We have a full-fledged design & manufacturing facility‘one of the best’ in the industry and everything is fabricated in-house under our watchful eyes. Our installation team is highly experienced to handle any challenge and has the ability to churn out jobs within the project timelines.

How can we help you?

Our experienced team will visit your hospital and guide you on implementing a signage system that suits your environment and budget. Our design, materials & methodology is time tested and proved to be very successful in providing sound and practical signage systems for a large number of hospitals. We also guide you in the implementation of NABH standards for signage in your hospital.

  • Initial site visit & collection of floor plans
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Design & Approvals
  • Wayfinding mock up
  • Material specifications
  • Costing
  • Implementation

Who is our Clientele?

Our credibility is our client’s testimony and patronage. Most major Medical Institutions within Hyderabad and beyond vouch for our methodology and the personal touch we give to every project we undertake.

Our clients in this sector includes:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Apollo Cradle
  • Apollo Radiology
  • Sunshine Hospitals
  • Rainbow Children’s Hospital
  • Birth Right by Rainbow
  • Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital – New Delhi
  • Global Hospitals
  • LV Prasad Eye Institute
  • Yashoda Hospitals
  • Care Hospitals
  • Madurai Meenakshi Hospital Madurai
  • Meenakshi Hospitals – Tanjore
  • East End Hospital – Nagpur
  • CK Birla Hospital – Jaipur
  • Sree Balaji Super Specialty Hospitals – Raipur
  • Meitra Hospitals – Calicut
  • Shanti Memorial Hospital – Cuttack, and many more smaller hospitals and speciality clinics.