Wayfinding Signages

Wayfinding Signage is the most important aspect of your overall signage plan, which makes people feel at ease and have a lasting impression of your facility. It revolves around your visual identity guidelines and stimulates core values of your brand.

There are a number of places that require specific directions for people to navigate and understand the process. Wayfinding Signage’s guide people through a facility and enhances the understanding and experience of the given space. Wayfinding becomes important in large facilities like Healthcare Centers, Universities, Shopping Malls, IT Parks and large Research Centers. They are generally depicted with visual cues such as Maps, Directions with Symbols for easy navigation. Therefore, a well-planned wayfinding system can help reduce visitors stress by providing easy to follow directions which will eventually take them to their destination.

What are the principles behind a flawless Wayfinding System?

  • Initially, basic Wayfinding is done with the help of Floor Plans. However, a site survey with the stake holders needs to be undertaken to ascertain the correctness of the plans and also to correct the changes from drawings to actual execution.
  • A systematic plan needs to be drawn to navigate from ‘Point A to Point B’ telling clearly the facilities available in that direction.
  • Further, landmarks are used to provide orientation cues to enhance easy navigability.
  • Different colours can be used to mark the difference between area to area.
  • An impressive wayfinding system is inspired by the company’s logo, colour, style, fonts and generally follows the visual identity style guidelines.
  • Good signage system is a sign of an efficiently run business, thus giving a lasting impression on the visitors.

What’s the best part of giving us your business?

We have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of signage works. However it is imperative, we rely on proper feedback from our clients to understand the exact requirements and details to work out a suitable package for you. Our specialist team will visit the location to identify the strategic places for the signage, take dimensions, and other details and also hold extensive discussions with the decision makers to suggest the most suitable plan for your facility.

Where does our manufacturing take place and what happens post installation?
We take pride in our experience and expertise in helping your institution finalize on a product that will hardly need any maintenance. Our installation team is highly experienced to handle any challenge and has the ability to deliver within the project timelines and reasoned budget.

AAA has its own manufacturing facility and everything is thus fabricated in house under the watchful eyes of experts. Let us help your customers find the way to your business and your business find its way to success!!